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Celebrating Document Freedom Day

Join us tomorrow Friday 30/3/2012 and celebrate The Document Freedom Day .At Cairo hackerspace we planned to build a diy book scanner to give it to the Wikipedia Arabic content teams. So we find this a good chance to support the Document Freedom Day too.We will celebrate DFD 2012 at Cairo Hackerspace by building the diy book scanner and talks explaining document freedom and open source in general. The invit ...

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A beginner’s guide to connecting and operating the WiFly to Arduino Serially

We were working on a home automation project , we used the wifly gsx in our project . When we bought it, we thought it will be easy to communicate it like a serial modem between the arduino and PC ,,, of course we are not noobs :) but every inch in the datasheet made us feel like one :) And when we searched for a solution for even one of our countless problems we faced.... the result can be summarized in th ...

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